‘Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition’ will not have voice chat

Minecraft Nintendo Switch

Voice chat has now become a vital part of most online-supported games, as it not only enables conversations between users but also facilitates communication in the face of cooperative play like to develop tactics, warn of our position or that of the enemy, and much more. In Minecraft the use of chat is an important element, since it not only allows us to talk with other players but also facilitates the tasks of construction and extraction of materials.

Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition

Despite this, it seems that ‘Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition’ will not have this vital function as the configuration menu of the game is consulted and it does not appear anywhere. It’s a strange move on the part of Mojang, since the version for the previous console of Nintendo, ‘Minecraft: Wii U Edition’, the one that incorporated the option of series.

All this information currently leads us to think that it is a temporary absence. Nintendo is currently working on developing a smartphone app that facilitates voice communication through games like ‘Splatoon 2’, where it becomes a vital element. This way, chances are that Mojang are waiting for the app to be released in order to implement an update to facilitate it. However this is all guesswork for now as there are lots of unknown factor involved for now but the thing that can be said with utmost certainty is that social games or the games that need planning will definitely need a voice chat system to increase its appeal. In the absence of this voice chat feature there certainly will have to be something that holds the users interest but somehow we doubt that anything can take over for this feature for now.


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