Miso Robotics develop robots that help in the kitchen of restaurants

Miso Robotics

Miso Rebotics have developed several robots that help in regular tasks performed in the kitchen of restaurants.
Inside a restaurant kitchen there is a constant movement of people responsible for the most diverse tasks, and many of them are extremely repetitive: turning over burgers, frying potatoes, washing dishes, tasks that can be done by robots specially designed for it.

That’s what they are doing at Miso Robotics, a company that creates automatic systems for work in large kitchens, including specialized arms in each task within a central module that we can call the “brain of the operation.”

They present their products at misorobotics.com, where it is already possible to see some videos with examples of what they are able to perform. They started with the arm able to turn the hamburgers, but they already have others dedicated to fry and to put the food in plates.

From the control panel it is possible to see the robot detection system. In the case of hamburgers, for example, he detects the state of each one, differentiates what is bread from what is meat, and determines the best moment to turn around or to remove the meat, thus avoiding to burn.

This is yet another example of how robots can end up with the most monotonous jobs, opening doors to more specialized ones: maintenance of the software and hardware of the machine.


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