‘Mobius Final Fantasy’ to Hit PC in February With ‘Final Fantasy VII’

Mobius Final Fantasy

Last summer the mobile game ‘Mobius Final Fantasy’, a free-to-play game developed by veterans of the ‘Final Fantasy’ saga, was released on smartphones to be a title that does not falter and demonstrates the potential of mobile games.

The title was well received and has been hosting events to keep the mobile player community active, and there are two important milestones for the game: its arrival on PC and an event with elements of ‘Final Fantasy VII’.

Square Enix announced, ‘Mobius Final Fantasy’ will reach PC via Steam on February 6 after having made compatible months ago in Japan. Square Enix promises to have graphical options such as sixty frames per second or one hundred and twenty frames per second and 4K resolution for Ultra HD monitors. It will still be a free to play, and you can use the game that you have advanced in its mobile version so we do not have to start over if we want to play it on our computer.

To encourage Western players to try it, the game in its PC version will exclusively feature an event with elements of ‘Final Fantasy VII’, in which we can get special cards and a costume for our companion fairy based on the dress of Aeris.


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