More Amiibo Linked to ‘Super Smash Bros’

Super Smash Bros

Recently, on January 18, Nintendo’s website was updated with a new CPSIA-Consumer Safety Act. According to the registry, everything points to the Amiibo series of Super Smash Bros. Shortly after this event occurred, the web was updated again with the registration of another new CPSIA certificate, and again it was linked to both Amiibo and Super series Smash Bros.

Their identities are a mystery. At the moment it is unknown when Nintendo will reveal these new and mysterious figures, but open several fronts and possibilities.

They could be totally new figures or, on the other hand, they are figures that belong to one of the three characters that are about to appear physically in Amiibo format: Bayonetta – which in recent months was briefly shown by Platinum Games -, Cloud Strife or Good Corrin. If they were new … would they be the Amiibo of Alm and Celica, characters from ‘Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia’?

The truth is that already by itself would be strange to see new figures linked to the franchise ‘Super Smash Bros.’, thus opening the doors to speculation about a possible delivery of the brawler for Nintendo Switch. It is all very strange, since if this version exists it would not be understood why the game was not shown during the recent presentation of the coming hybrid console, but on the other hand it would also make sense not to show it since both accumulated and at once (remember Mario Kart 8 Deluxe) could give bad image to Nintendo and Switch.

Be that as it may, the fans and collectors of this series of figures are in complete congratulation, as they have one more reason to wait with emotion to see what finishes these two new and recent records.

You can consult both CPSIA certificates through this link –104798– and through this one –104951-.


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