More than 98% of WannaCry victims used Windows 7

wannacry ransomware

WannaCry is the malware, specifically ransomware (software that hijacks, or encrypts the files of the victim and asks for the payment of a ransom to recover them) responsible for what has been one of the worst computer attacks in history which has put everyone on alert in the last week. After the storm, security experts begin to take stock of the entire computer attack, which begins to show curious figures such as that more than 98% of the victims were using Windows 7.

WannaCry infection chart

According to Kaspersky’s analysis, most victims of WannaCry ransomware have been Windows 7 users. Specifically, more than 60% of victims were users of the 64-bit version of Windows 7 while about 32% were users of 32-bit version of Windows 7 operating system. As we have mentioned many times, the patches for this vulnerability were launched last March and being an operating system that still has support, if users had installed such updates then they would not have been infected by this ransomware.

In addition to Windows 7, 1.5% of the victims of WannaCry were users of Windows Server 2008, the server version of this operating system. This being much more serious issue and in addition to that users should never allow the execution of unauthorized software on a server, the security and updates of these are much more critical and direct responsibility of system administrators.

It is true that Windows 7 is the most widely used operating system worldwide. However, its market share is not much higher than 50%, so the fact that most victims were using this operating system, while the other 50% of users, although divided in other versions, has not been affected. All this puts in doubt the security of this operating system.

In addition, we must not forget that Windows 7 has less than 3 years left, so the sooner we update the sooner we start avoiding new computer attacks or be left exposed once the extended support cycle is over.

Only 0.03% of WannaCry victims used Windows 10

Windows 10 can be many things, and many users criticize it hard. However, this operating system already has a considerable market share, still increasing, and yet only 0.03% of victims of this ransomware (one out of 33333 approximately) used this operating system.

We have said it on several occasions, but we repeat it once again. Computer threats have changed and are becoming more complex. Windows 10 has a number of internal security measures prepared to deal with these threats and, along with Windows Defender, this operating system is protected from virtually any threat that can be found.

Anyway, it is the responsibility of the user to have an original operating system license and to verify that Windows is updated regularly with the latest security patches, otherwise, for as much Windows 10 as we have, most likely scenario is that we end up being another victim to a large-scale computer attack just like the one suffered a little more than a week ago.


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