Moto G5 Plus Specifications Filtered Through an Image

We already have the main features of the Moto G5 Plus filtered through an image of a test terminal. In the image we can clearly see the screen saver that comes from the factory with a summary of the specs of the terminal. Thanks to it we can see interesting things such as the incorporation of NFC, the key to making payments with mobile phones.

This new version leaves behind the screen of 5.5 inches, positioning now for a 5.2 inch, somewhat smaller. Another thing that has surprised me most has been the decline of Megapixels, which although not much, and could have left at least the same amount so that the buyer does not have the feeling of buying a terminal lower than it had before. In this case the Moto G4 Plus had 12 Megapixels.

This is only at the marketing level, because as we have explained many times, although megapixels of the camera are very important, even more important is the sensor that uses the camera.

Filtered image of the Moto G5 Plus is where you can see its specifications. As for the battery we still have 3000 mAh, just like its predecessor. We would also incorporate fast charging, called in the case of Moto like TurboPower, although we do not know if in this case will come with the purchase of the device or if it will have to be purchased separately as now.

I personally have been left with a very bad taste in the mouth to know that the vast majority of specifications are maintained or even degraded. We still have to see other aspects such as the processor, RAM or graphics, but of course if this image is true we can prove that Moto is doing things very badly, especially as regards updates.

The specifications came from Brazil, from a person who apparently works in an office that will market the terminal, and that is why he has had access to it. The image was shared through the Google+ group of the Moto G4.


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