Motorola to launch up to 7 new Moto smartphones


At last we can talk about the Motorola brand again, since it was decided that it would take the marketing in a totally different way from Lenovo. Today, we found out that the company could be working on up to 7 new Moto to take off this year, and we will see what these mobiles could be.

The latest Motorola mobiles we found out about were the new Moto G5 and G5 Plus. These terminals were the best we could see in the mid-range, and same we could see in the analysis we did here, but the new Moto mobile that we are going to see today may be a better option for people still looking for a cheaper mobile.

Up to 7 new Moto could be seen this year

We are already finding out all the details about the new Motorola smartphones for this year. We recently saw the possible features of Moto E4 and E4 Plus, although they believed in size and specifications, would remain in the lowest range of the company.

Moto Wifi certification

Today, we found out how the seven Motorola mobiles, with number of different models, have passed the WiFi certification. They all had a MediaTek 6737 processor, which is meant for mid-range and so we will see up to seven Motorola phones in this range, but probably not all in the same country.

We say this because surely two of these phones are Moto E, which will eventually reach the European market, but others like the Moto C, could stay in the Asian market watching the movements that Motorola has followed in the years. These are four of the 7 mobile phones that we believe have leaked

  • Moto E4
  • Moto E4 Plus
  • Moto C
  • Moto C Plus

The first four terminals we know for sure that will arrive, as they have been filtered on numerous occasions. However, we believe that we will only get to see Moto E. As for the last three terminals, there is a lot of information yet to be found and it not even certain that we will see it as they can be small variations of the mentioned mobiles.

In any case, we can tell with almost total certainty that we will not end up seeing such a number of Motorola mobiles in Spain, given that some of them are variations, tests that will not go to the market, or are destined for other countries. Hence, there will be very few that will end up coming to Spain.

Other details to highlight of what has been leaked is that they all carried Android 7 or 7.1.1, something that is most logical, but it is important to note that some Motorola mobile can come out with almost the latest version of Android.


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