Mozilla now allows anyone to test Containers with Test Pilot

Mozilla Containers

We already talked about the function of Containers in Firefox, at that time available in experimental phase, at the beginning of last summer. This function will serve to separate a series of data for each context. By default there are four containers that are: for personal use, for professional use, for the use of banking services and for the use of Internet shopping services.

This will allow us to have our personal Gmail account open as well as our professional Gmail account open in the same browser simultaneously and under the same profile among many other possibilities. Note that the containers do not have the same potential as the use of the profiles. They will continue to keep in common the extensions installed, browser preferences, among other aspects, for all containers available.

Well, as gHacks points out, Mozilla just launched during this weekend a new project of TestPilot in which will allow users to test the function of Containers in those versions of Firefox they have, compatible for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Only the extension of TestPilot and then the one of Containers should be installed. The idea is that this function, even in the experimental phase, reaches more users.

As we can see on the web, there are more 4,000 people using the containers at the moment. They will find a new icon next to the address bar from where they can open new tabs under these containers. The four containers are kept by default, but users can also create many more custom containers. You can know about each tab to which container it belongs, thanks to the use of icons and colors.

One will also be able to hide tabs that are under the same container and give them visibility in the browser interface, obtain a list of websites that are open under one container, among many other possibilities.

This way, the more users join this experiment, the more data Mozilla can get before deciding whether to finally launch the Serial Containers feature in Firefox.


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