MSI continues to release motherboards for AM4 socket and A320 chipset

MSI A320M Gaming PRO

It seems that the market is starting to put the batteries in the low range of AM4 socket. Even so, there are still many manufacturers who are not yet encouraged to take motherboards with the AMD A320 chipset. This is not the case with MSI, which recently launched its new A320M Gaming Pro, to the delight of fans.

It was clear that after the launch of Ryzen, manufacturers were going to dump more in the middle and high ranges of motherboards for AM4 socket. It has been true so far, with the myriad of releases for the X370 and B350 chipsets. However, now the brands have started paying attention to the low range that equips the A320 chipset. In fact, one of the first brands to do so has been the manufacturer MSI. In this particular case, the manufacturer has decided to reuse the printed circuit board that was already used before, with A320M Grenade model. However, they will use better quality components with it when designing for this new A320M Gaming Pro.

Better quality for less than $80

It’s been known that MSI usually stands out by tightening the prices of its components and this is the perfect example of that. The new motherboard uses black capacitors instead of the brown ones that the Grenade model uses (although it is unknown if the color change has anything to do with its performance or not). It has also changed the color scheme and the design of the plate to further adapt it for the Gaming category where it is included. Barring these changes, the two motherboards are completely identical. This means, we only have two DIMM-type slots for DDR4 memory, giving 32 GB as the total memory capacity. We also have a single PCIe x16 slot (enhanced, yes) and another two PCIe x1 as well for this time.


The storage is run by four SATA 3 ports on the right side of A320 Gaming Pro, as well as an M.2 slot where you can install storage units that can take advantage of the 32 Gb / s offered. It also includes, as was expected, a Realtek RTL8111H Gigabit Ethernet network card and six USB 3.0 ports.

As mentioned before, the board will go on sale for less than $80, which will convince many enthusiasts looking to set up a competent computer but do not possess much money to do so.


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