All You Need to Know about Muzhiwan App Store

Muzhiwan is an app store for android users, from where you can install unlimited apps and games free.

Muzhiwan APK is an android market APK. Android being an open source project allows you to download and install applications other than the ones provided by Google. So you can download any app you like. People generally search for third-party app stores in place of the Google Play Store due to connectivity and availability issues. One such mediator app store is the Muzhiwan app store.

Muzhiwan app store has been gaining popularity over the last few years. It has various features and provides multiple services. You can download apps and games from this app store free of cost. Sources have claimed that this app store to go on to become an alternative the Google Play Store in the future.  There are multitudes of positive as well as negative reviews about this app store on online forums. This article will share some important information about the Muzhiwan app store and will also review whether you should download it or not.

Muzhiwan App Store Features:

  1. The Muzhiwan app distribution platform has a simple and easy to use user interface. You can readily download apps and games from it without much effort.
  2. There are thousands of premium apps and gaming apps available at completely free of cost on the Muzhiwan app store. These apps have to be bought from other app stores.
  3. The app is extremely lightweight with a size of just 3.6 MB.
  4. Muzhiwan app store is compatible with all Android devices with at least Android 4.0. It has been considered that devices with at least 1 GB RAM along with a dual-core processor are best suited for this app store.
  5. You can download a wide range of wallpapers from this app store without having to download a separate app.
  6. You also have access to a vast range of themes without having to download a separate app.
  7. The download mode is highly advanced.
  8. Background downloading feature is available.
  9. There are various added features like cleaning the RAM of your device as well as storage junk removal.
  10. There is also the option of providing reviews and ratings of the apps just like on Google Play Store.
  11. Your apps will get updated regularly as Muzhiwan receives updates on a timely basis. It is an extremely reliable source for getting complete updates of the apps that you have downloaded.
  12. You will also receive better recommendations regarding the apps you should download.

Best Way to Install Muzhiwan App?

  1. Before install Muzhiwan app store on your android phone, you have to change some settings. You should go in setting, then security, and then allow the unknown sources to download any android app.
  2. For download Muzhiwan app store, just click here.
  3. Once downloaded, you will see “Install” button. Just press the “Install” button to install muzhiwan app store.
  4. After installation, just open it, and start to use.

Muzhiwan App Store is Safe or Not? | Is Muzhiwan App Store Malware?

Muzhiwan app store is completely safe, and we have found no negative comments and statements about this app store. Some sources claimed that some apps on this app store has malware or adware, but it doesn’t confirmed. Many apps have negative reviews, which is common.

Muzhiwan Reviews:

I will give 6 out 10 to Muzhiwan app store.The Muzhiwan app has its fair share of disadvantages too. Users have reviewed it to have a very clumsy layout which can be quite disturbing at times. Many users have also had the problem of having weird and troublesome ads popping up while browsing through the app store. There is also a language problem as the official website is not in English.

I want to say to those people, who claimed that Muzhiwan would become alternative of Google Play Store one day. Become an alternative of Play store won’t be an easy task, because there are many other app stores too such as Aptoide and 9apps, which are providing far better services, have more games and apps, and applications for users.

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Size of Muzhiwan app store is quite small compared to Google Play Store, Aptoide App Store, and 9Apps app store. This app store has a small number of apps but having few most popular gaming apps such as GTA San Andreas, Mortal Combat, Clash of Clans and Minecraft, Mini Militia etc. making this app popular that user can download easily.

We sincerely hope you like this information regarding the Muzhiwan app store as well as find it useful. Be sure to share your feedback with us and share this content with your family and friends. You can comment below if you have any queries or questions regarding the Muzhiwan.


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