Napster for Windows 10 Receives an Update, These are the Improvements

In its day Naspter was a P2P application to download music without having to go through box, we are talking about 17 years ago. In the end there were several record companies that denounced Napster, as a result the application went to better life and stopped working. In May 2008 Napster announced its return, this time in the form of music store, to finally merge with Rhapsody in December 2011.

Well, Napster for Windows 10 has received a fairly important update, that now it is a universal application. By the way the developers have taken to change the design completely, the new one is quite better. The user interface is much more modern, with a dark theme. They have also changed the position of some buttons.

With Groove Music and Spotify we could say that Napster is in the background, but that does not mean it’s not worth it. It is possible to try Napster for 30 days completely free. Version comes at its best. Since the application had not been updated for a long time, the developers had lots of work to redesign it.

Here are the features of Napster:

  • Has a catalog of millions of songs.
  • You can play full albums and the most successful songs.
  • You can create playlists.
  • Favorite section in the library to play your favorite songs anytime.
  • You can discover new music by artist or genre with Napster radio.
  • Every Friday you can listen to new releases.
  • Download an unlimited number of songs and playlists to play them without being connected to the Internet.
  • With the network of listeners you can search for new music.

The subscription to Napster is priced at €9.95 per month and allows you to listen to music from your phone, tablet, computer or multimedia device. Music can be downloaded to your device, so it is not necessary to always be connected to the Internet to listen to your favorite albums.


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