NES Classic Mini, the third best selling console in the US during January 2017

NES Classic Mini has become the third best selling console in the US during January 2017. It is difficult to understand the success that NES Classic Mini and Famicom Classic Mini are experiencing all over the world.

Yes, it is, because Nintendo promised to supply stores with a stock that would please everyone but the truth is that it is practically impossible to find the console in physical stores, and the only possible way to get one is by checking the online shops several times a day, such as Amazon. And yet, despite the scarcity of units, NES Classic Mini has become one of the best selling consoles.

In the United States there was a recent refueling of units in certain stores, and that may have given a boost to the sales of this nostalgic interactive piece that attracts equally to collectors and casual players. In January 2017, NES Classic Mini has managed to sell such a number of units that has been placed easily among the best selling consoles of that month.

To be more specific, there the NES Classic Mini was the third best selling console of last month. In fact, Nintendo has managed to put in the homes more units of this console than its current desktop, the Wii U. With Nintendo Switch ever closer and without offers that make Wii U a delicious opportunity, it is not strange that this console has sold more.

All this information makes us think that if Nintendo were to offer more stock than it is releasing and producing, NES Classic Mini could climb many more positions in these sales rankings.

Recently, the owners of NES Classic Mini and Famicom Classic Mini saw as both consoles received a new hack that went beyond the personalized installation of roms of the Nintendo of 8 bits. Nowadays you can install games of all types of consoles, ranging from Game Boy and Atari to others like Super Nintendo and even Mega Drive.


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