Netflix Engineers Create a Device that Allows Controlling its Interface Using Brainwaves


Netflix creates an accessory that allows you to navigate through the titles and select them using your mind. A group of Netflix engineers has built a device that allows users to choose what they want to see using only their brainwaves.

The device called Mindflix is a modified version of the Muse diadem, which allows you to monitor your brain activity to facilitate meditation, to which a motion sensor has been added.

According to a video posted by the company, users can go from one title to another by moving their heads from side to side, and select one in particular by focusing on it.

The Muse diadem may not know exactly what you are thinking, but it can determine the amount of brain activity that is at a particular time in your frontal lobe. Apparently, the device is only valid for binary options.

This device was created on the occasion of the internal hacking day that took place a few weeks ago. This is an event in which employees come together to experiment with new technologies.

Well, let’s see if Netflix releases such gadgets in future or it simply remains as an experiment to check how things would work out using this technology.


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