Netflix now allows you to download series and movies in Windows 10 to view offline

netflix windows 10

Netflix released a new key feature at the end of last year for its applications on Android and iOS mobile devices, which finally reaches the desktop version of the streaming video service. Basically it is the function that allows us to download the content and play it offline, and it is already available for the Windows 10 users. Similar to mobile phones, now we can download series and movies of Netflix to view them offline, without an Internet connection.

Netflix, in the wake of Spotify on its own land, has made users who previously pirated joining the subscription to watch movies and unlimited series every month. The only limitation, of course, is that they have a closed catalog which, nevertheless, continues to grow month by month. The key in all this, among other minor issues, is that the fee is reduced to only 8 euros per month in its minimum option, with a device in playback, more simultaneously with a higher fee, and with SD quality. But what about those who still want to download? Well now you can do it with Netflix.

Netflix offline in Windows 10: at last you can download your series and movies

Another of the key steps that Netflix gave has to do with its availability. Unlike alternatives such as HBO Spain, Netflix service has application for virtually any platform, so that is really easy for the user to access the service. Until now they had a small problem and that was on PC we could not see their series and movies offline. Maybe in a desktop computer it was not so problematic, but it is a key function for laptops, or even for tablets with Windows 10 operating system.

Be that as it may, the feature works exactly the same as on mobiles. That is, we simply have to select what content we want to download, and depending on our speed of Internet connection, it will take a few seconds or minutes to be available. Once the download is done, we will be able to play the movies and series offline for a limited time. However, at the moment not all of the catalog is available for offline playback, but only a selection of movies and series are offered by Netflix.


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