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Netflix Student Discount: Avail 100% Working Offers [2021]

netflix student discount

When it comes to watching movies and TV series online, there are many streaming platforms where you can purchase monthly or yearly subscription plans.

However, most of them are quite expensive.

Especially when you’re a student.

That’s why some streaming platforms such as Amazon, YouTube, Hulu, and Spotify provide exclusive plans tailor-made for students.

Similarly, if you are looking to get a Netflix student discount, then you may get disappointed as there aren’t such Netflix plans for students.

But don’t be sad.

I have got some schemes up my sleeves.

Schemes that you can use to reduce the subscription cost down to your budget.

Now tell me – Do you want to get these discounts?

Well for that, you should read this complete post.

Let’s get started:

netflix student discount
Netflix student discount

Use Promo Codes

There is a website called

It lists all the trending coupon promo codes that you can use every month.

For instance, at the moment, the website offers a free trial for new users on Netflix.

Get a 15% exclusive discount on the purchase of Netflix gift cards.

That’s not it.

When you visit the website, it has way too many promo codes, coupons.

And the best part is, the website gives away 100% working promo codes and coupon codes for free.

All you got to do is apply that code when purchasing the Netflix subscription,

Then later, if you don’t want to manually check the website every time a new coupon comes, you can subscribe to the daily newsletter only for Netflix.

Now afterward you will receive daily coupon codes promo codes right into your inbox.

Switch to Basic Plan

As I mentioned above that Netflix comes in three plans basic standard and premium

if you have subscribed for the standard version then I would recommend you to revert to the basic subscription plan.

Do you know what’s the major difference between these two plans? The basic plan supports resolution up to 480p and the standard plan supports video resolution up to 720p.

Besides, if you are subscribing to the standard plan solely because of the reason that you need two members in your family.

Well, then, in that case too, I would recommend you to revert to the basic plan as two users would be able to use the Netflix account quite early.

But the only exception is that not at the same time.

P.S. The basic plan support streaming on mobile TV and laptop.

Get the 30-Days Trial

Even though there isn’t any Netflix student discount

Still, there is a lot you can do to get a Netflix account completely free.

You see in every part of the world where Netflix is available, it provides a 30-day free trial for new users.

When opting for the 30-day trial, period, Netflix doesn’t charge you a single penny, which is great.

So, that becomes your biggest advantage.

And btw, don’t worry if the trial period is over.

Do you know why?

You need a few things like:

✅Fake email generated using fake email generators.

✅Fake credit card details or virtual credit card

✅And you are good to go and create a new Netflix account to get a one-month free trial period.

Use Gift Cards

When I first started purchasing the monthly Netflix subscription I discovered a way that Very few people knew.

Purchasing the Netflix subscription via gift card.

If you have purchased gift cards before, then you might be aware that these are some of the most popular mediums to get exclusive discounts.

But you might be wondering how to use a gift card to purchase the monthly Netflix subscription

Well, if you are a new Netflix user then this might be a bit difficult to achieve.
However, if you are an existing customer who wants to renew their Netflix subscription.

Then you can simply head over to the payment settings and click on the change payment method to gift card.

Once you are on the menu, use Amex Gift cards, gift vouchers, or Google Play cards to get the Netflix subscription at a discounted price.

Split Accounts

Without a Netflix student discount, it gets quite difficult to purchase a monthly subscription plan at $7.99. So what you can do is look for another friend, who wants to get a Netflix subscription plan.

But just like you, isn’t buying it because of the high pricing.

Well, then you can purchase the standard plan to split the Pricing into two parts each.

In case, there is no one around you who would like to get a split Netflix subscription account, then you can use third-party platforms such as:

…to get a user profile in the Netflix app.

Move to Netflix Alternatives

If none of the methods mentioned in this post doesn’t work for you, then the only you are left with the only option of getting your hands on other affordable alternatives for Netflix.

Alternatives That Offer Student Discounts.

With the lack of Netflix Student Discount,

these are some alternatives that provide an exclusive Student discount.

Amazon Prime Video

Netflix Student Discount
Netflix Student Discount

Ever since the start of Netflix, Prime Video has been its biggest rival in the streaming industry.

In case you are not interested in getting the complete Amazon Prime subscription, you can get the Prime Video subscription at $8.99 per month.

And the best part is, the subscription ID available with no strings attached.

Unlike Netflix, Prime video offers streaming content of the highest possible, quality.

That’s great, isn’t it?

As far as the student discount is concerned.

You can Avail the Prime Membership. At $49 per year.

That’s 50% less than the regular membership fees of $99 per year.

Spotify-Hulu-Showtime Student Bundle


Spotify, Hulu, and Showtime have come together to release an exclusive plan for students.

Well, if you buy Spotify, Hulu and Showtime then normally it would cost you $9.99, $5.99, and $10.99 respectively.

That is 25.97 dollars.

Now, if you are a student, then you can get all these three services at just $4.99.

That’s an exclusive discount of $21.98.

5 illegal Netflix Alternatives

With Netflix turning out to be a no show because of the unavailability of offers, you are left with no choice but to switch to some illegal alternatives

Then be it Amazon Prime Hulu or Netflix original series, these streaming platforms have got everything you need in one place.

Here are some of the most popular third-party streaming websites.


With dozens of proxy websites, YesMovies isn’t just limited to streaming on websites.

It has its own app available on the Google Play Store.

You can download that app to get the same. In fact, even better experience than that you get on the website.


123Movies is the second alternative in this list.

When it comes to online piracy, 123Movies is a website whose name comes at the top.
It was one of the few websites that started it all.

After 123Movies and solar movies, Several other popular platforms have been created such as fmovies, Bmovies, losmovies, and countless more.

Talking about the Journey, 123Movies movies had a bumpy ride.

When the traffic on its primary website was skyrocketing, it hit a roadblock as a big production house filed a lawsuit against 123Movies for promoting piracy on its website.

As a result of this, the multiple state governments had imposed a resolution to shut down such websites once and for all.

Soon after the Judgment was passed. 123Movies was shut down officially.

However, this was not the end as the website made a massive comeback with dozens of proxy websites all over the world.

Once this thing came to light, none of the authorities were capable of shutting these proxy websites as a terminated website would once again return as another website using a different URL.


Tunemovie, a perfect alternative to Fmovies and putlocker is the third website on this list.

If you love watching original shows, movies on premium streaming platforms such as Hulu, Disney Plus, Netflix, and others, tunemovie is the website you need today.

I clearly remember using this website for the first time when the covid-19 pandemic was at its peak.

But do you have any idea why I used this website instead of going for putlocker or fmovies?

Well, you see, none of the two sides mentioned here has the facility to bookmark or wishlist Movies and TV shows for later viewing.

On the other hand, Tunemovie lets you sign up and log in to your account to make all the necessary changes safe.

And as usual, this website has been blocked multiple times at the ISP level, but every time and again it has returned with multiple proxy websites.

Today, if you want to use Tunemovie to watch your favorite streaming content, you have got no better choice. Then going for tunemovie.


Los Movies is the fourth website in this list that can be considered as an alternative to Netflix.

For the past few months, I have shared multiple streaming websites with you on this blog.

However, none of them can get past to features this website has to offer.

Even better, you can create an account to make sure you’ve saved all the necessary changes.

Further, there are many features that you can get access to with Los Movies.
However, these are some of my favorites:

✅Multiple playback servers.

✅Live subtitles.

✅Dozens of proxy websites.

✅Account creation facility.

If you want to know more about these features in detail, then you can refer to my previous post where I have reviewed LosMovies as a streaming platform.

Despite these features, many users have some concerns regarding LosMovies official APKs available on the web.

To be honest, most of the users consider it as nothing but Spam created by an unknown user.

Well, to be honest on paper, most of the websites look legit.

However, the reality is far from it.

The apps provided on the search engine seem to have no connection with the official website in any way.

So, if you are planning to install them on your PC, then let me tell you you are doing this at your own risk.

Thop TV

Last but not least option Thop TV.

Most of the streaming platforms mention in the post is only accessible on web browsers. However, this is the only platform that lets you watch videos on your smartphone on the go.

In fact, it is so good that it can even challenge the big players such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Prime video. Discovery plus and vice versa.

Talking about the features, Thop TV has a lot to offer you.

Here, my favorite part is that you can use it to watch 3000 plus live channels.

When downloading the official Thop TV app, you can’t download it from the Google Play store as has Google had blocked the software right in its early days,

Before you download the Thop TV app available on Google, let me tell you one thing. At the moment, the latest version available is 4.51.

So, I would recommend you to download and install only that version of Thop TV on your smartphone. Not just phone if you have installed a blue stacks emulator on your PC, then you can sideload the APK file on your PC to start live streaming right on your laptop or custom PC.


With no official Netflix student discount, this post is the only way you can get even a tad bit of discount.

However, in case, you’re facing any technical difficulties on Netflix or unable to get the exclusive discount then do elaborate about the exact problem in the comment section given below.

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