Netflix will improve its Windows 10 app for virtual and augmented reality


The constant growth of different platforms for video contents does not stop. Among other things it’s thanks to the good acceptance that they have had from people all around the whole world. Commanded by Netflix, these services while offered for a cost could be considered like adjusted for all type of films, series and documentaries.

One of the main advantages that these platforms offer users who decided to pay the corresponding monthly fee is that they would immediately make available an enormous amount of audiovisual content that users can enjoy anytime and from anywhere. Another key to the success of Netflix and its competitors is that, in addition to the large number of titles offered for a fixed cost it can also be consumed in all types of platforms and environments.

We say this because if we focus on Netflix, it has applications for both desktop and mobile systems that are compatible with the most commonly used operating systems. To this must be added that, in both modes of use, the entertainment services company already offers the possibility to download videos from its platform. Using this particular feature, the users would be able to view the downloaded videos when they are without any Internet connection. These advantages among others all contributed for the multitude of Users.

Netflix is committed to the latest technologies

However, the firm knows that despite its current leadership in the sector, it cannot stay “asleep”, as competitions like HBO among other platforms are pushing hard to try and “steal” customers and attract them to their proposals. That’s one of the reasons, the firm begin to work so that its online service can be used with other more current or rather futuristic, such as those related to augmented reality and virtual reality in addition to the above mentioned devices.

In fact, as we just found out, Netflix is already looking for experts from VR and AR to provide compatibility with both technologies to its native application for Windows 10.

So, it is clear that in this firm as in many others, they are aware that the future of the future in a multitude of environments, such as video games and audiovisual entertainment, goes through the RV and the RA. The sectors that are already expanding both in mobile and desktop environments and that’s something they cannot afford to pass up.


  1. Netflix is talking about 4K, whereas 50% PC users still cannot watch 1080p on their computers. When it will be possible to watch 1080p Netflix movies in Win7? It is time for Netflix to wake up!

      As you will notice 720p is maximum resolution for Windows 7.
      1080p is max resolution for Win8.1, and 1080p or 4K is max resolution for Win10.

      IE11 in Win7 does not support HTML5 and does not support 1080p (IE11 uses Silverlight 5 which plays only 720p). IE11 supports HTML5 and 1080p in Win8.1 and Win10.
      Firefox and Chrome in all OS support only 720p.


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