New Art of ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ Displayed, But Still No Dates

Square Enix has shown, during the event to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Final Fantasy saga, a small image-trailer of the remake of ‘Final Fantasy VII’.

And that is the only thing they have shown about this remake, many expected a trailer or at least the initial kinematics, but it could not be. We are left with what we have. At least this is a small sample of what they have in mind for improving graphics and not just make a port of the PSX version.

The company has not said anything about date of arrival nor has it shown anything else apart from this image: ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ is under development for PS4.

We cannot rule out that Square Enix will throw some more images on their social networks in the coming months. It will be in E3 2017 when the game will be shown in greater detail. So, let’s wait some more days till the company releases any new data or makes any official statement related to this game.


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