New Beta of WhatsApp for Android Integrates New Emojis

Emojis have become a form of graphic expression that we usually use daily, especially through mobile messaging applications like WhatsApp. Well, we stop at WhatsApp, precisely in the new beta available for Android devices, which will have access to a number of new emojis. In this beta which reaches number 2.17.44 has incorporated a good amount of new emojis that will allow us to express ourselves with greater precision.

This beta has integrated the emojis available in version 4.0 of the standard Unicode Emoji, that is, we will have emojis of professions in male and female versions and in different skin tones as emojis sticking hands in the face, butterfly, clown, booze, shrug, nauseous face, cowboy, and some more. This means that users, once this beta comes out as a stable version, we can make use of all these new emoji even if we are for versions lower than Android 7.1.

When that time comes, it is quite likely that users will be able to see and use new emojis regularly. It would be interesting to see if it also includes the emoji of the paella, something that would surely be used in conversations, especially at weekends.

Those who are not testers of the application and want to make use of the new beta version also have the possibility to access it by downloading the corresponding apk through the mirror servers that host it, as APK Mirror in this case.

It is better to wait for developers and testers to completely test this beta for any possible bugs and later download once the public version is released.


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