New concepts imagine the screen of Nokia 9 without borders


The process of development and the long road that goes from conceptualization to the crystallization of a product may take many months. The same thing happens in mobile phones. Many independent artists imagine what a phone will look like when it becomes official and thats something they just did with Nokia’s future flagship. Now we know a new concept that imagines the screen of the Nokia 9 without borders.

Many details about the new Nokia 9 have been known in previous days, which will undoubtedly be the flagship of the Finnish firm and will serve as a touchstone to know to what extent the return of the brand will bring to their terminals, and whether they will also offer innovative products.

The Nokia 9 screen without borders and a very attractive design

So far we had seen concepts of Nokia 9 that did not have much to do in design with the line adopted by the Nokia 3, 5 and 6 presented at MWC 2017 in Barcelona. Now new concepts imagine the borderless Nokia 9 screen integrated into a design that has a lot more to do with what we had known in other concepts.

In this case it is a design shared by Phone Designer on Facebook and it shows us a really attractive design for the new Nokia terminal. In this design the main attraction is a large screen, in the purest style of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

As you can see in the image, it did not have side edges, and would have much thinner edges on both the top and bottom of the phone, showing a look very similar to the flagship of the Koreans.

In the back, the same dual-camera arrangement is retained vertically, so we would be looking at a design much closer to reality which was previously seen. If Nokia chooses a design similar to this, the new Nokia 9 could become one of the kings of the high end of 2017.


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