New details of iPhone 8 with vertically configured double camera

iPhone 8 specs

There are months ahead until Apple makes iPhone 8 official and a lot is expected from the next flagship of the Cupertino company. However, at this point the information on the iPhone 8 is more than extensive. The latest report by a well-known Japanese media adds to the list of new features that could be included in the future smartphone of Apple. The information hits on controversial points such as the design and the configuration of the iPhone 8’s camera.

The shape of the case, the materials that Apple will use to manufacture its new model and the camera configuration are some of the points of greatest media interest. The popular Japanese media Macotakara has released a new report on these features of the iPhone 8.

The iPhone 8 camera with dual lens configuration

Macotakara comes out again with fresh data on the next iPhone. It should be noted that the information presented in the network by the aforementioned medium has already been seen previously. However, the filtered content gains notoriety not by the freshness, but by the solidity that this filtration can bring. The aforementioned Japanese media has gained a great reputation due to the accuracy of their predictions and information published on previous models. Not surprisingly, one of the last examples was the launch of an iPhone in red, which could later be verified with the iPhone 7 RED.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the information exposed to the public is hovering around the iPhone 8 camera. It doesn’t refers to the features and specifications of its components, but to its configuration.

iPhone 8 leak 01

iPhone 8 leak 02

The conceptual images that the leak accompanies show that the iPhone 8 will have double rear camera. While the iPhone 7 Plus already enjoys the same feature, the Macotakara report adds that Apple would choose to align those cameras vertically rather than horizontally. The main motive behind this configuration would be to focus on support for virtual reality and augmented reality.

Combination of glass and steel for the housing

In addition, the Asian portal also provides certain details about the housing of the iPhone 8. In this regard, it mentioned that Apple will bet on a design in which the housing will wear a chassis of polished steel for the sides of the equipment, while the rear of the housing will be made of hardened glass. A layer of glass that in turn would have a 2.5D design.

Finally, the information also points that Apple will remove the physical Home button on the front of the smartphone. This change would confirm that Apple will no longer include the fingerprint sensor in this section. The report does not ensure that Apple will definitely include the fingerprint sensor below the display, a rumor that has been mentioned insistently. In fact, the available technology does not allow the sensor to be integrated under the glass of the screen, there is talk of a possible delay in order that Apple can implement it.

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