New details on iPhone 8: Touch ID Might be Replaced With Facial Recognition

iPhone 8

A few days ago we knew one of the latest innovations that could be integrated in the new iPhone 8, the facial recognition with laser sensor. While it was not clear to us whether this feature would complement the security of the Touch ID, we have now learned more about the role of iPhone 8 facial recognition in its use. It seems that Apple’s plans for this security measure would be more ambitious than we had thought so far, let’s get to know them.

As we say, just a few days ago we learned information that pointed to the iPhone 8 could have a technology of facial recognition, although with what we have now known it seems that this technology will have more ambitious implications than we expected.

According to new information we have known from analysts, the idea of Apple is to completely eliminate the Touch ID of the new iPhone 8 in favor of a facial recognition using a laser sensor. This would imply that the tasks of verification of the identity that until now are done with Touch ID, would fall completely to the new technology having to identify us through it, something that in practice does not seem too attractive, by the simple fact of having to be place the iPhone 8 in front of the face every time we want to unlock it.

facial recognition in iPhone 8

Apparently this decision would be caused by the particular design of the iPhone 8, which having no borders on its screen, and Apple would not be very convinced to introduce one under the glass.

In any case, analysts point out that the underlying theme in this case is the already undeniable existence of a completely borderless screen for the future iPhone 8, something that is forcing Apple to think of alternatives to user identification without physical elements through.

In any case it seems that there would be the possibility of an intermediate solution, in which Apple already introduces the facial recognition of the iPhone 8 with a laser sensor while maintaining a Touch ID under the glass, which is the one that would be more willing to the Cupertino firm.

But this information has its origin in that the Touch ID could be closer than ever to disappear at least from the iPhone 8. We will see to what extent it is true, because it would certainly be a very aggressive change for iPhone users.


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