New filtered images of HTC One X10


The Taiwanese company wants to continue the battle in the phone market, at least, to go through the big door. Today we have some news about the HTC One X10 from the habitual leakster, @evleaks. This leak offers us more photos and data.

Evan Blass, perhaps spurred by his big rival: @onleaks, left us an extensive leak of photos of the Moto C, Moto C Plus, Moto E4 and Z2 Force. Now he has taken out of the hat a couple of interesting images of the HTC One X10.

With this image, he has left us with what would be the official picture or press image of the new HTC team in an unusual cyan color.

The truth is, as Blass himself comments, they are not a design that surprises us in the least. The new HTC device, in theory, aims at the high range but with a style that is diluted between the offer of other high range Asian phones. It reminds us, very vividly, the launches of Meizu mobile for its aesthetics, shapes and colors.

The truth is that a lot has rained about the new HTC device since December 2016, when we saw the first images of the HTC One X10 that, if these are real, were a different model, photoshoped or simply another prototype different from the Taiwanese brand.

At that time, it was commented that the equipment pointed to a premium range, with a MediaTek Helio P10 processor, 5.5-inch FullHD display, 13 MP camera and 3 GB of RAM. If these characteristics were mounted on the HTC One X10, it would still be fine if the price of the phone is correct. At that time they talked about the $299 as a possible tag for this device.

The truth is that there are many more clues about this HTC One X10 that contrast with the pessimistic information that surround the brand. For months now it has been separated from its businesses, in which many saw a move to let their catalog of smartphones die and focus on other adventures like the Virtual Reality with the HTC Live. While it is true that we have seen how they have closed their offices in half the world, after almost 15 years of presence, what is shuffled for the future in the medium and long term is a return to its origins.

The veterans will remember the QTek, the precursor smartphone and PDAs in the early years of the new century. They were actually manufactured by HTC and it seems that focusing once again on being a white label manufacturer for other brands is the company’s plan to make some profit from its experience and resourcesin the world of mobile telephony.


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