New Funko Faces Announced For Overwatch

New Funko Faces for Overwatch

During the celebration of the London Toy Fair a second wave of Funko Pop has been announced. Inspired by the characters of ‘Overwatch’ will arrive during 2017 with new characters represented as these popular toys faces.

Here is the list Funko faces to be added to game. They add to the collection Symmetra, Lucio, D.Va, McRee, Mei and Reindhart. In the first wave of figures were Winston, Tracer, Widowmaker and Reaper.

Especially noteworthy is the figure of D.Va that includes his beloved Mecca with a size of 6 inches and with the possibility of placing it inside, so we assume that its price will be above the average, something that possibly also happens with Reindhart by the Size of his peculiar hammer that always accompanies him.

Regarding the Blizzard game we are already preparing to receive the next event dedicated to the Chinese New Year in which we will have the typical legendary appearances and a new game mode all available during a limited time that is estimated to last three weeks.

Californians intend to keep the game active with new events of this type, more maps and future new heroes for at least all of 2017 and possibly more years in the future until they come up with a sequel to their latest hit.


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