New Google Earth: Explore the world and learn from the web


The first thing that almost all Google Earth users do is go to their home, then from there guide themselves to explore the world. Google Earth has been around for over a decade now, allowing us to explore the world in a way we could not have imagined. The rumors about its renewal had been heard for a few years now, and finally it was today that Google released its new version of Google Earth, with improvements in image quality and navigation and now it can even be accessed through Web.

New version of Google Earth: Traveling was never so easy.

The new version of Google Earth adds a series of very interesting news to it, which allow us to travel and learn the world without moving our device. The first novelty has to do with Voyager, which is a kind of interactive tour guided by certain areas. A tour with which Google has launched this feature is Natural Treasures, in collaboration with the BBC, where we can explore mountains, islands, jungles, etc. These stories are made by the best communicators, scientists and NGOs. When we visit a site, we have the option to switch to Street View mode to see the actual images.

Another new function has to do with exploring new unknown sites. Through the “I’m Getting Lucky” button, Google Earth takes you to a random site for you to discover. In total, they have established more than 20,000 sites to visit using this method, so now we have a great variety of sites to explore and learn, all with a small associated description, where we can learn the history and the relevant facts of the site, as well as See photos of it. In addition, Google has integrated the learning of its AI, so if we write “Capital of Spain”, Google Earth will now take us directly to Madrid.

Explore the world in 3D from your mobile, tablet or PC

Another new feature is the “This is Home” feature, where Google Earth will allow us to explore and learn how other cultures live around the world and what their home looks like, allowing us to see how the definition of home differs depending on different cultures.

Viewing 3D content is one of the most immersive functions in Google Earth. With it, you can see in 3D, practically any place on Earth with more details like the city of New York, the Grand Canyon of Colorado, or the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia.

From today, the new version of Google Earth is available on the web and for Android. For other operating systems it will be launched later. With this release, Google Earth is now positioned more strongly as the best option to explore sites around the world. The web version can be visited through this link, while the Android version is, which will appear in the Google Play Store this week.


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