New Images Filter the ISO of Windows 10 Cloud, Although in its First Version

We’ve been talking a lot this week about Windows 10 Cloud, but in case you got lost we’ll remind you what happened. The rumors of Windows 10 Cloud began in the middle of this week, thanks to the name of the version was known. Many media thought that it would be a light version of Windows 10, but in the cloud, so that different platform users could use Windows 10.

Days later, rumors changed completely, Windows 10 Cloud would indeed be a new RT version of Windows 10 that would come to combat the increasingly popular ChromeBooks, only a few hours since the beginning of these rumors, appeared the first images confirming the second rumor that Windows 10 Cloud would in fact be a light version of Windows 10, which will only run applications from the Windows Store.

Today the rumors of an online version are totally discarded thanks to what happened in the week, that Windows 10 Cloud can be upgraded to Windows 10 pro, but equally a new filtration completely eliminates the first rumor, since the ISO of Windows 10 Cloud has been leaked.

Windows 10 Cloud

This ISO will allow users to try the Windows 10 Cloud SKU, which means that anyone who knows where to look will quickly find the ISO.

It should be noted that this ISO is prepared for a virtual machine, so you do not necessarily have to change your main operating system.

The source adds that there are two major absences in this filtered ISO: OneDrive and PowerShell; Also add that there are some errors, although minor.

We remind you that if you want to try Windows 10 Cloud, you can search it on Google or any search engine, as it will surely appear.

But if you want to be cautious but still curious, here is a video:


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