New leaks and mockups from the Firefox Photon project


As we mentioned a few months ago, Mozilla plans to give a 180 degree turn to its Firefox web browser over the next few months, in order to adapt the software to the present times and try to attract adherents to its proposal and thus approach the undisputed leader of the moment, Google Chrome.

Everything that is currently under development by the firm is expected to see the light officially in version 57 of the browser, which will be launched in November 2017, if everything goes according to plan. The update has the name Photon and will affect both the user interface and the internal functionalities of the software. Among the most important features that we will find, in addition to the important redesign to be carried out, the introduction of the so-called WebExtension to the aforementioned version 57, thus breaking with the current add-ons.

It is also intended that with the Project Quantum the browser is significantly faster than previous versions, another project on which Mozilla is working. Based on leaks in the form of images that have seen as mockups, we can see the new Firefox by the end of the year, in its main interface, will have a new section of “tips” that Mozilla plans to add to facilitate its use to the users.

Also in the new models that have been filtered we can see other parts of the browser as a series of shortcuts in the beginning that redirect us to the sites with more activity.

On the other hand Mozilla is also adapting the colors to be used in the different sections of the Internet browser so that they adapt, as much as possible, to the use of operating system tones and thus disentangle the minimum.

Firefox 57 to be released later this year

The company plans to launch two compact themes in Firefox 53, one light and one dark, Firefox 57 also plans to launch another touch in addition to a new compact, the latter replacing the two mentioned Firefox 53.

To say that in the touch interface the number of elements available in the interface itself will be greatly increased in order to improve their accessibility.

Similarly in Photon we will find a new menu structure, so the developer want to move away the current menu by eliminating the heavy icons that make navigation more difficult, so the new design will use much less space than the current and also with more options such as the web developers menu or links to secondary pages. We will also be able to add custom entries.

From the “Library” icon, we will have direct access to elements such as bookmarks, downloads, history or synchronized tabs, as well as recent activity, which will make things much easier when it comes to accessing the elements we use more.



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