New photos of the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 reveal their size

Xiaomi Mi Max 2

Few days ago, the first images of Xiaomi Mi Max 2 were filtered on the Net. Now the same thing happened again but with a small difference. The difference being that the photos of Xiaomi Mi Max 2 correspond to the case of the same in the production chain. One of them is held in the hand of one of the operators in the assembly facilities. A snapshot which in a way shows the size of the phablet that points to dimensions similar to those of its predecessor.

Xiaomi has already confirmed the date for the presentation of the new Xiaomi Mi Max 2. That moment will arrive in just under two days. By then we will know all the features of Xiaomi Mi Max 2, as well as details such as the dimensions of the casing and the display itself, one of the most significant specifications of the phablet. However, leaks still do their job even just hours before the Xiaomi event.

Photos of the Xiaomi Mi Max 2

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 filter

As we have already mentioned, one of the signs of identity of the first generation Xiaomi Mi Max were the dimensions of the shell and the size of the screen that were nothing less than 6.44 inches. With the launch of the Xiaomi Mi Max 2, the brand is expected to bet on the concept of pure phablet, although in recent weeks several rumors pointed out that the firm would slightly reduce the diagonal of the display to six inches. A size that, perhaps would make this mega phone, Xiaomi Mi Max 2, more manageable in the chain of production

The photos that have been filtered ultimately reveals not only the design of the back of the aluminum housing, something we already had an occasion to visualize from the previous leak. The novelty of the attached photos is that one of these appears supported by an operator in what appears to be the production line of the Xiaomi smartphone.

Size of the Xiaomi Mi Max 2

Although the perspective can play tricks on us, currently everything indicates that the size of Xiaomi Mi Max 2 will not vary too much with respect to the dimensions of Xiaomi Mi Max, established in 173.1 x 88.3 x 7.5 mm along with the Aluminum housing.

The only possible or significant change is that the company decided to apply a more panoramic format to the display, so that the equipment was more manageable as it currently is with the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus or LG G6. However, as we already mentioned, the perspective under which the image has been taken may be the reason that the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 case looks slightly longer.


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