New preview of Vivaldi Browser allows to create new notes dragging texts from another place

We have spoken on more than one occasion of Vivaldi Browser, the desktop web browser created by Jon S. von Tetzchner, co-founder of Opera, which now releases a new preview (not stable) version with a series of new and interesting features along with bug fixes and stability enhancements.

From their announcement highlights the possibility of selecting the homepage of Vivaldi as the default home page, the ability to sort the browsing history or even the ability to open links in the current tab.

It also allows you to create new notes by dragging selected texts from elsewhere in the system or even allows you to paste texts copied anywhere in the notes menu. In addition, it now has more options in its tab mute function, allowing only the tab that is active plays sound, or leave a single background tab playing sound.

In addition there are other changes compared to the previous version 1.8.755.3 available in the same publication, which is also available for download and installation for major systems (For both 32-bit and 64-bit versions from Windows 7 onwards), Linux (both DEB and RPM packages for 32-bit and 64-bit systems) and Mac OS (for 10.9 onwards).

We insist on pointing out that this is a preview version. Today version 1.7 is the stable version, released last week as the first release of the year, offering various ways to capture screen, both visually and through shortcuts of the keyboard. It also has the possibility to take the captures to the notes section, it improves the eyelashes silencing feature enabling even the muting of all the tabs at once, it incorporates a new private search engine called StartPage, and much more.

Source: Vivaldi Blog


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