New purposed schematic of the iPhone 8 comes to light


In recent weeks leaks have intensified around the design of the iPhone 8. The latter of this type pointed out that the new iPhone will have the fingerprint sensor in the back. Now new sketches come to light where the design of the iPhone 8 tells us otherwise, without Touch ID on the back.

Apple has the obligation to apply a great change to the design of the iPhone 8, to break the aesthetic line that is maintained since the launch of iPhone 6. A change that its followers demand with yearning and it seems that Apple will fulfill it. However, there is still no consensus on how the Americans will face such a controversial point.

A forced aesthetic change

In this respect, the most significant leaks and rumors coincide in one point. That point is none other than the transition from aluminum to steel and glass. The new iPhone seems to dazzle with a glass-lined casing and metal side frames, made of steel as happened with the iPhone 4. However, this change will be much deeper since the transformation involves other updates such as integration of a larger screen and the removal of the physical home button from the front.

It is precisely the removal of the physical button which brings more debate and the outstanding change will provoke a total remodeling in the design of the iPhone 8. To date, there are two hypotheses. The first was the integration of the Touch ID sensor on the back, just like other brands on Android devices.

In this sense, we have had access to abundant multimedia content including design plans, in which Apple has allegedly worked. These showed how the case had a round aperture in the back of the device to house the biometric sensor.

IPhone 8 design, according to the latest sketch

iPhone 8 new concept

However, there are other leak have indicated that Apple really works on an iPhone 8 design where the fingerprint sensor does not move to the back area, but will be integrated into the screen, just below, thanks to the ultrasonic technology of Qualcomm. However, this theory raised serious doubts about its viability since the adoption of this technology meant possible delays in the launch of the iPhone 8.

Today a sketch shows the look and design of the iPhone 8 casing, with no fingerpoint sensor on the back. Instead, the sketch shows how the dual camera will have a vertical layout, as indicated during the last week. The sketch also shows an area in the back that supposedly shadows and appears to be the circuit that would grant the iPhone 8 the expected wireless charge.

What will be the definitive design of the iPhone 8? Why is it speculated on two options so “radically” different? The answer would have to be sought in Apple’s strategy. The Cupertino Company would have worked on several possible designs, hence have transcended several sketches of work that show two aesthetically distinct models.

What will be the final design of the iPhone 8? This is a doubt and it will be present until the approach of the model. Lets hope that, in future there will be moments when we will have more accurate leaks and we will also have access to real photos of the devices.

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