New Retro Challenge in Clash Royale with Free Entry

Clash Royale

A week ago we were talking about the good work that Supercell was doing with the Clash Royale, making it one of the most downloaded games of any app store. Today we see a new update arrives by surprise. We tell you all the information about the new Retro Challenge in Clash Royale.

In the last update of Clash Royale we saw the new Clan Battle, which has been one of the most interesting developments that Supercell has done since the game came out. This Clan Battle consisted of a 2 vs 2 game against other team from another clan. The bad thing about this is that it has only been available for a weekend, and apparently it will only be available every two weeks to get the clan chest.

New challenge Retro in Clash Royale

Today, the news that we bring is another event that was just announced by people who officially collaborate with Clash Royale. The developer has not yet officially pronounced, but we can already see this new Retro challenge in Clash Royale, if we get into the application and go to the challenge section. This challenge will be very small, and that is why Supercell didn’t give much importance to it.

In this retro challenge in Clash Royale we have to play only with the cards that were at the beginning of the game, for that reason it has the name Retro. The maximum prize we get will be 6 wins and it will be a magic chest that costs 900 gems, so if we see what it costs us to enter the challenge, we do believe that it is worth playing.
Here we leave all the details of the new challenge:

  1. The first entry will be grade.
  2. Afterwards you will have a cost of 10 gems to enter.
  3. There is a reward with each victory: 10 gems, silver chest, gold chest, magic chest or 3,000 gold.
  4. The first prize will be 600 coins and 25 cards.
  5. Prizes for each win can only be won once.

This has been all about the new Retro Challenge in Clash Royale. We believe that the only thing worth is to play until you get the magic chest, because for 10 gems and a free entry we can get a chest that has a price of 900 gems in the store, so we have to take advantage of it. The challenge will begin in two days and it is not yet available to play. We will see if Supercell is encouraged to do more small challenges like this. Also, get to know about arrival of new cards to Clash Royale.


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