New Trailer Released for ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’

Fire Emblem Heroes

Next February 2 ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ will reach iOS and Android devices being the first installment of the franchise in mobile territory and one of the first games licensed by Nintendo to try their luck in this market.

We had a glimpse of this game in his presentation during the last Nintendo Direct dedicated to the franchise Fire Emblem in which a new video game for Nintendo 3DS was also announced.

Today what Nintendo gives us a video to let us know a group of heroes and heroines that we will control in this new release. It does so through a trailer that they have had to post in vertical format.

Fire Emblem: Awakening: Fire Emblem Nino from Fire Emblem: Fire Emblem: Firebird Emma: Fire Emblem Nino from Fire Emblem : Mistery of the Emblem ‘Linde and Jeorge arrive, in’ Fire Emblem: Conquest ‘was Elise and finally’ Fire Emblem: Binding Blade ‘comes Lilina.

It does not seem that fans of the franchise should fear for the adaptation of the same to the format F2P of mobile with purchases within the application, as we can verify in its official website it seems that the game will be quite dense in mechanics and content. You can watch the video below:


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