New update iOS 10.3.1 to fix a security problem on iPhones and iPads


Apple has released a new update for iPhones and iPads. We are talking about iOS 10.3.1, an update that can be considered as a security patch since it comes to solve a bug discovered a few months ago in the WiFi connection of iDispositivos, currently with iOS 10.3.

We already have date for WWDC 2017, event in which iOS 11 will be released and all its new features will be known. However, Apple continues with its updates for iOS 10, which now reaches the version iOS 10.3.1, in addition to the latest Beta with iOS 10.3.2. According to the first details, it is a security patch that corrects a failure in the WiFi connection of both iPhones and iPads.


Apple’s software department continues its iOS maintenance and development efforts. While the test program gave us the second beta version of iOS 10.3.2 last week, a few days ago the official OTA with iOS 10.3 came to the fore. However, Apple had to launch a new update to correct some problems detected, in addition to a security breach.

The same refers, as we can see in the information page on security in iOS provided by Apple, a problem with buffer overflow from the WiFi connection, likely to be used to run malicious code on iOS devices , whether iPhone or iPad.

This bug is now corrected with the iOS 10.3.1 update. This bug was identified a few months ago under the Google Project Zero program, which publishes such errors once they have been reported to companies with a 90-day margin.

Likewise, due to the capture that the availability of the OTA update with iOS 10.3.1 reveals, the new software version also corrects several problems, possibly in reference to those detected since iOS 10.3 was launched. However, the California multinational has not provided further details.


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