New Update of the PlayStation System With Interesting News

Selected users of PlayStation 4 that participate in the beta tests of the next system updates for this video game console can from now accede to the new beta version, under the codename Sasuke, that brings a series of news of special importance. To begin with, this version already provides support for external hard drives, allowing you to connect external hard drives under the USB 3.0 connector with up to 8 GB capacity.

playstation update

With the new added capacity they can incorporate, users can install games, applications and add-ons directly. Just connect the external hard disk they have, it will start to be accessible from the main screen.

In addition, it is also interesting that the new version of the system also allows those users with PS VR to play 3D Blu-ray discs allowing them to enjoy their contents directly from the cases of Virtual Reality.

It will also be possible to post status updates on PlayStation Network in a similar way as they would on Twitter and Facebook. In this sense, users can incorporate texts, captures, tag friends and include specific games to appear within their own walls.

It also includes the possibility to convert the captures in the background with the possibility of making a series of adjustments, the possibility of sending the captures to the section Live from PlayStation as public activity, and finally, the quick menu receives a series of improvements incorporating a number of additional functions.

This beta version is available to selected users, who may have received an email with the necessary information to start using it. The rest of PS users only have to wait a few weeks for the new system update to reach their devices.


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