New Windows 10 Update Will Have Support For Braille and Other Accessibility Options

The new Windows 10 update will have support for braille to make it easier for people who are visually impaired.

Microsoft released a new build (Build 15025) of Windows 10, for those who participate in Windows Insider Program, and among the features that stand out are the new accessibility options.

Already last year, the Microsoft team announced a series of new accessibility features that are now present in this update. For example, there is Braille support in Windows Narrator 10.

To test it, although we must keep in mind that it is in beta, we have to have the application open, go to Configuration >> Accessibility >> Narrator and follow the instructions described under Braille.

It is only a few steps, we will have to download the support for braille, then choose the option that allows us to “activate braille” and add the corresponding screen.

Another of the features that add to this compilation is to facilitate the way people with visual impairment listen to audio when they are in public places or in meetings.

Given that they only use one of the earphones to be aware of the environment, there is a new option Audio Mono that can be configured, so that you do not lose any detail of the audio, even if you listen only one way.

Interesting features that follow the inclusion line promised by the Microsoft team, and that in the future will be available to all.


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