Niantic avoids the traps of trainers with a new Pokemon GO update

Pokemon GO new update

Pokemon GO is very close to its first anniversary since its launch on July 6, 2016. Niantic Labs, the company responsible for the game, has done a lot of work listening to users and updating the application with new features and possibilities within the game. From the arrival of Pokemon GO to the digital stores the traps have been present in the game, to simulate the location as well as other more serious practices. Precisely those practices are what Niantic wants to avoid with a new update of Pokemon GO that have launched now.

A few days ago we knew many of the new features that Pokemon GO will offer us this summer. It will include legendary events, exchanges and battles, a series of innovations that will certainly improve and game play.

The traps in Pokemon GO are not only related to the location of the trainer, which allows them to capture Pokemons while sitting on their sofa, but there is a much more harmful practice called Sniping, that is to look for a certain Pokemon with the help of bots that look for them automatically. With the help of these bots the trainers can look for different Pokemon of certain characteristics. This makes the game much simpler for these trainers and monotonous than for those who do not have these bots.

With these cheats on the table, Niantic wanted to take action on the issue by launching a new update that eliminates the most predictable aspect of the game. If so far all these Pokemon had similar characteristics, so it was possible to find them easily, the random factor has come with the last update of the game, this means that it will not be so easy to get those Pokemon, because randomness will be the tonic in Pokemon statistics, so bots will be much less successful with this new update.

Slowly Niantic is narrowing the siege of cheating trainers, something that of course goes to benefit the rest of players who do not opt for this type of traps to hunt the best Pokemon. Of course, this is an update that only cheaters will notice, for other trainers things will remain the same. Pokemon GO now has a much more real dimension and away from the madness that surrounded it at its launch last summer, with millions of players around the world hunting Pokemon in real hordes.


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