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Nimo TV : Earn Real Money and Reward while Streaming

Nimo TV

Nimo TV is a leading global channel for mobile games gamers, PC games and a perfect place to share your special gaming and streaming moments on a daily basis with your fans and friend through Nimo tv. You can also use social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, youtube and twitter to increase your fan following.

Best games, game events and live broadcasting to the widest range of users only at Nimo tv. If works online through the official website and also you can download the app on your device.

Features on Nimo tv

  • Supporting more than 19 languages
  • Live show channel for everybody
  • Real-time Interaction
  • You can earn real money
  • Become famous on social media
  • Promote your live broadcasts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Get real rewards and get a chance to win many exciting prizes
  • Best streamer and best fan will get recognition on a global leaderboard
  • Win the giveaways gifts

Requirements for starting a Livestream

Before even considering starting live streaming, you must know your requirement for the streaming. More hight the specs more smooth will be your streaming. For that, I have recommended settings for your pc, which would be

CPU – Intel I5

Graphics card – NVIDIA GTX 750Ti with 2G memory, or other of the same level

RAM – 8G or higher

Speed matters

One of the main factors of live streaming on Nimo tv is that you have to have a good high-speed internet connection for streaming. Your fans wouldn’t be happy if they find out that your game is lagging and you couldn’t even talk clearly.

So, speed should fast enough for live streaming. If you don’t know how much speed does your internet has, click on this link here to find out.The normal upload speed should be about 1Mbps or higher but 2Mbps is recommended

Register for a Nimo account

For the service of getting live on Nimo tv, you need to sign up first. If you are a member already then just log in to Nimo Streamer. For registration, you need to input your cell phone number and create a strong password. Keep in mind the exact password that you enter for next time login.

After entering add your stream content that includes games, Facecam, text, and pictures. Put stream layout according to instructions and put the information to go live.

Set stream layout and information to go live

How to mirror the mobile screen to PC

The gammers you want to play the mobile games instead of pc and want them to mirror the screen on PC, there are 2 steps to play games on a mobile device but broadcast on your PC

The first thing you can do is Mirroring the mobile screen to PC and second on is you can directly start streaming on PC. you might now be getting things in your head but don’t worry, I’ve got the tutorial for you.

Mirroring the device for android

  • You need to Download mirroring software ‘ApowerMirror’ on your PC or Laptop.
  • Same thing you need to do in your mobile device and download ‘ApowerMirror’
  • Now open ApowerMirror and click ‘Mirror’ at the footer (make sure your laptop and mobile are connected with the same Wi-Fi)
  • Then ApowerMirror will start searching for laptop or PC devices that are connected with the same network connection which has ApowerMirror installed.
  • Then tap on your device, ApowerPlayer will display the screen automatically, the mirroring is done

Mirroring the device for iOS

  • You have to Download air player on your PC or laptop. very first time, the will show you one pop up which states “requires Bonjour to execute AirPlayer, please download”, you’ve to click YES. (keep in mind that AirPlayer is a paid product but you can use it for 7 days without any cost
  • Open-air player and then select your iPhone version
  • Go to the bottom of the page, tap airplay, and then select your computer
  • Open the mirror switch (need to be in same wifi network)
  • Chose the computer starting with “AirPlayer” in the “AirPlay” list.
  • AirPlayer will show the screen automatically. Mirroring is done

Stream at PC

Once everything is done at the phone side and started the mirroring to pc, you can now start streaming by using OBS. if you still find any difficulties. The tutorial can be found via this link

The Thai team named “Attack All Around” that won 2nd place in Point Blank World Cup, top rank in PUBG. boys have excellent gaming skills. The name of the team members are Edwin, HuaHed, Dopper

For Asia trophy, India pro teams such as Team Soul, The Brawlers, 8Bit and many more are evolving.l

Stream game for PC



League of legends




Clash of Clans

Apex legends

Rainbow Six Seige

Dota 2


Fifa and many more

Stream games for phones

Pubg mobile


Mobile legends


Identity V


Clash royale

Rules of Survival

Watch Game Lives

Other than going live and playing your games, sometimes you can do one thing is set back and can also enjoy the other streamers. Watch game lives on Nimo tv, pick any of your favorites streamer or the gamer and start watching them.

Go Live and Earn Money

Going live while playing games will also get you some reward and that can be converted into real money. You can get rewarded by sharing your videos of gaming skills or daily live show on Nimo TV. you can also provide your Paytm number for donation, if fans love your gaming, they will definitely give you the real money.

Multiple person gaming

Don’t play alone, if you can to join other streamers and play with them, it is totally possible on Nimo tv. You can create discord and ask your friend streamers or your fan to join you.

Last words

This is one of those apps that can give you alot of benefits. You can enjoy your game while earning money. You can also make friends while playing. Get famous according to your gaming skills. Make a huge fan base. Language is no barrier. Enjoy your streaming. If any queries or questions regarding to this post, drop them in the comment section below.

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