Nintendo Exploring Virtual Reality For Its New Console

Tatsumi Kimishima, who has been president of Nintendo since the sad death of Satoru Iwata in July 2015, has recently inan interview to the prestigious Nikkei talked about virtual reality in Nintendo Switch.

Kimishima has confessed to the Japanese newspaper that from the Japanese company they are studying virtual reality. It does not stay here, since it sure that Nintendo Switch will implement the virtual reality. The reason put forward by Kimishima not to include it in launch is that these studies look for the way that the players can play hours with the virtual reality without they any type of problem, be it headaches or other possible minor annoyances.

Nintendo have finally learned the lesson from the Virtual Boy? We saw with the New revisions of 3DS that the stereoscopic 3D was pleasantly improved and polished to reduce annoyances or failures when experiencing this technology in the console. Therefore, the safe step with Switch is the most coherent and to wait on the part of the company.

Since the discovery of a Nintendo patent relating to an accessory to enjoy the virtual reality many rumors have been have made and theories around the possibility that Nintendo Switch could have compatibility for virtual reality. Although this was not explicitly confirmed during the presentation of the hybrid console of January 13.

A couple of details in two of the games confirmed for Switch caused the alarms to jump again. In the trailer for ‘Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers’ we saw a brief, three-dimensional, first person scene where Ryu’s fists banged a strange M. Bison who had a visor in his eyes. This detail, added to the two eyes that appeared by surprise in the mario cap after finalizing the trailer of ‘Super Mario Odyssey’, have been the triggers that confirmed to fans that Nintendo Switch will have virtual reality compatibility.

Nintendo Switch will go on sale worldwide on March 3, 2017 in both a standard edition and another that adds Joy-Con in blue and red colors.


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