Nintendo Plans to Launch At Least Two to Three Mobile Games Annually

Nintendo team and decided to launch at least two to three mobile games a year. The news comes after we knew that Animal Crossing will suffer delays in its launch for Android, although we welcome it with open arms.

Surely it was sung, but Nintendo wanted to make clear that its commitment to the mobile market has been a great success. It’s not just that we are all delighted with titles such as ‘Super Mario Run’ or ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’, but the Japanese company’s pretensions to the future are very ambitious. According to ‘Tatsumi Kimishima’ in statements for ‘Reuters’, from Kyoto they are clear: they want to produce at least 2 or 3 mobile games every year.

Nintendo is one of the biggest companies in the video game industry. For years and years, we have stocked up on games and videogame consoles, focusing on an audience that seeks casual gameplay. This is one of the great reasons for success of the company.

As it could not be otherwise, Nintendo has stepped in the development of games for mobile devices, since part of the future of the video game industry depends on the phones. Nintendo plans to increase the pace of production of video games for smartphones, so let’s tell you all about this. Nintendo plans to release two to three mobile games a year.

Two or three games a year are a minimum investment for Nintendo. Today, they are focused on their Nintendo Switch and the launch of their other games. When the company launched Super Mario Run, the success was resounding, reaching the 78 million downloads in iOS, something that brought about 53 million dollars of benefit for Nintendo.

Without a doubt, it is great news that Nintendo focuses a little more on the development of games for mobile devices, as the firm has great talents who know how to make good video games, and we are looking forward to try each and every one of them.


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