Nintendo Switch Adds a New LEGO game: LEGO Worlds

LEGO Worlds

Arthur Parsons, one of the most recognizable personalities of TT Games, has confirmed the release of LEGO Worlds in Nintendo Switch on a date yet to be determined. Of course, no one has yet confirmed the official arrival, but Parsons’ voice is of sufficient authority in the company to confirm his arrival.

The title is expected for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 by the end of next February. It seems complicated that it is going to arrive at the launch of Switch in time, reason why it will be to wait for news on the title by the publisher to confirm its disembarkation. LEGO City Undercover is more than confirmed.

LEGO Worlds will mix the Danish toy with the Minecraft sandbox idea. It will give users the opportunity to create their own Lego universes.

Since Nintendo presented its new platform on January 13, many have already been the developers who have been favorable to work on new titles for her. That way, the Nintendo Switch catalog is catching up on what many expected on the day of its announcement, and in addition to having great releases for this year, is also getting a good amount of independent titles. The last one that joins them now is LEGO Worlds, the latest adaptation of the famous block franchise to the video game, which have announced their arrival at the new console.

It has been through the official Twitter account of Arthur Parsons, head of TT Games, where the news has been revealed. It seems that the studio responsible for the title is currently working on a version of LEGO Worlds for Nintendo Switch, but is not announced when it will reach the catalog of the console. Although we do not have more information for the moment, we will have to be attentive to future news, as more details are likely to be revealed soon.

LEGO Worlds is another of the many adaptations of the famous universe to the video game. After picking up great reviews with their latest installments, which parodyed some of the blockbuster movies of recent years, TT Games and Warner Bros. decided to develop an open world title, where imagination was the basis of gameplay.

That way a game was born, which resembles what was already seen in another famous title of the same genre, Minecraft, and that arrived through the program of Access Advanced of Steam in 2015. Since then it has not stopped to reap good critics, of such that we recently knew its arrival also on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Now, it seems that will also be ported to Nintendo Switch, with more than one newness assured.


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