Nintendo Switch Already Generates More Interest than Xbox One and Wii U

It less than a month left and finally the new platform of Nintendo, the hybrid between a home console and handheld console previously known as NX and currently with the official name Nintendo Switch will hit the market. Doubts about its success is one of the main topics discussed over social networks, press and user communities, which seem to show more interest in the platform before its launch than the one shown by others like Xbox One or Wii U itself at similar moments.

In the image below, you can see the search trends related to the current platforms which are collected in periods similar to the one now (few weeks before the launch), for the new platform of Nintendo, and based on the searches of pre-orders made by users. This data shows how the next console generates greater interest among the public than the current Wii U. If Nintendo Switch data is compared to the rest of devices we can check that it has created the most buzz among casual gamers. So let see graph search of it in Google Trends.

Nintendo Switching Graph

The graph you see in red refer to Nintendo Switch, while blue refers to Wii U and the interest generated before its launch in 2012. The yellow graphics refers to PlayStation 4, a platform that is approaching at 60 millions units sold and that has shown its success among the public in almost 4 years of its existence in the market. Finally, the green shows the interest of Xbox One. This graph shows you the searches made by the people just a few weeks before the launch of each console.

By putting them together, the graph of Nintendo Switch it shoots up to almost reach the PlayStation 4, and all this despite the fact that the feelings with this new platform are fully divided between the public where some who sees in it a real innovation while other think of it is a fail product.


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