Book your unique User ID for Nintendo Switch

It has been a month we knew all the details of Nintendo Switch in its presentation, one of the most important was that the console was put on sale next March 3, a date that is now just around the corner. Only a little more than a week is left for the console to be in the stores and reach those who have already reserved it, and of course Nintendo already prepares the ground for the millions of players who will play with their console. For this reason it is possible to register our new Nintendo Switch ID, which as you can imagine will have nothing to do with previous Nintendo consoles and services.

A new ID also for Nintendo Switch

Of course Nintendo does not advocate the idea of having a single user id or name to identify us in their different consoles and services. A good example is that to identify ourselves in Nintendo Switch we will also have to create a new ID. With it we can enter the new Nintendo console, and from now on we can create our own identifier, in case we have already booked and we are impatient to pick it up at the store.

As you can imagine the race to get our ID or most characteristic user name has already begun, and yes, time is running against us if we are not fast when it comes to getting the new Nintendo ID. After a few hours or days, we can assume that we won’t get the desired user id, as it may be already in the possession of another user.

How to register our Nintendo ID Nintendo Switch?


Nintendo continues to have to have different ID in the different services and consoles it has in the market, and Nintendo Switch is no exception. It is a fairly simple process that can take us only a few minutes. Here you can get your unique Nintendo Account User ID. Just fill the short form and it’s done. Do not leave this for tomorrow as it will become harder for you to get your desired user id for your new Switch console.

Next Friday, just as we are returning from the Mobile World Congress 2017 Barcelona, is when the fever of the Nintendo Switch around the world will be unleashed and the console will be released. In recent days, some “oversight” of shipping companies have allowed us to see what the interface is like or a complete unboxing of the new proposal of the Kyoto company. Also while we wait we encourage you to quickly register your id.


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