Nintendo Switch Parental Control App Now Available

Nintendo Switch Parental Control

The day of the worldwide launch of the Nintendo Switch has arrived. And anticipating the normal concerns parents have about their children’s interaction with the famous console, it has launched a parental control app.

While the console has certain parental control functions, the app offers more options that can be customized according to the age of the children or the criteria determined by the parents. For example, parents can determine the length of sessions.

That way, parents will be able to set schedules and the time that their children are allowed to play. This includes some additional functions, such as suspension of the game, notifications, alarms, among others.

Another of the controls offered by the app is the possibility to decide what types of games are allowed for their children, according to their age or the parameters that they determine.

There are also controls to limit the online functions, for example, they can establish that they can not share, nor publish images of the game, exchanges of messages or restrict the permissions for the purchases in Nintendo eShop.

And it also has some extra options, like summaries about the most popular games among the family, the amount of time that has been dedicated, among others.

So, it is a nice move by Nintendo Switch giving parents greater control on how much time and what games their children must play on the console.

The app is available for both iOS and Android, and we can download it from the following links: Google Play / App Store.


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