Nintendo would launch a SNES Mini at the end of the year

NIntendo SNES Model

Nintendo is going through quite a few good months. It started with the NES Classic Mini in November and then had a success of Nintendo Switch during this last month with a good sales worldwide. Nintendo decided to stop making the NES Mini despite the high demand it was having and now everything seems to fit, as NIntendo appears to be working on a SNES Mini.

SNES Mini will be launched at Christmas

According to the latest rumors from Eurogamer, Nintendo would be working on a mini version of SNES, the successor to the NES. This new console could be called SNES Mini or Super Nintendo Classic Mini and it would arrive for Christmas this year, aiming to reap the same success that the NES Mini had in the last holiday season. According to the sources consulted by Eurogamer, the console would already be in the process of being manufactured.

The existence and launch of this console at the end of the year explains that Nintendo stopped making the NES Mini last week. Nintendo argued that it was not a product that they would manufacture permanently. The company believed that they had made enough units, but the demand overflowed and they had to make many more units than expected. This has caused the NES Mini to have skyrocketed its resale price on websites like eBay.

The SNES Mini would follow the same manufacturing procedure of the NES Mini, with a board similar to the Raspberry Pi and an emulator running on it. Nintendo would have started manufacturing this console long before the NES Mini to have enough stock to put it on sale in the coming Christmas.

Console full of classic games

This console could have a higher price, due to the large number of games it has against the NES. We could face a total of over 100 games available to users, expandable through solutions like Hakchi2. Among Super SNES hits are Super Mario World, Super Mario RPG: Legends of the Seven Stars, Chrono Trigger, The Legend of Zelda: Super Metroid, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Kart, Street Fighter 2 etc, and it has a long list of games that turn the SNES into one of the best consoles in history.

Nintendo has not made any comment on this news, but we could expect an official announcement by the company on similar dates in which it announced the NES Classic Mini. The operation would be similar to the Mini NES, with a redesigned cable control and HDMI connectivity adapted to the current televisions to obtain the best possible digital image quality.


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