No, HTC Will Not Present Any Smartwatch with Under Armor

HTC Smartwatch

Today we bring bad news for those who were looking forward to the alleged HTC TouchSmart smartwatch that we could see in filtered images only a few days ago.

It is confirmed by Chialin Chang, the president of the division of smartphones and connected devices HTC that the filtered images belong to an old prototype, the result of a collaboration failed with the signature Under Armor.

There will be no HTC smartwatch for now. The truth is that Chang’s statements have been sharp and precise, eliminating from our thoughts at a stroke all the possible suspicions and assumptions that have been appearing over the last few weeks.

I can tell you that we will not have an Android clock. I do not think we’ve nailed it with the watch. Android watches are fine, but even Apple as a big brand is losing bellows in this terrain. We are not going to have a short-term watch .

No doubt, HTC seems to have the clearest things regarding the smart watch industry. Even so, we are curious to know the reasons why the prototype seen in the previous images was canceled.

To be honest, the launch of a smartwatch by HTC would be too risky move for a firm to enter fully into a marshy terrain of smart watches, whose utility is questioned every day by many people.

Even so, I’m sure that many will be left with the desire to see how would the first HTC watch with Android Wear would have looked. Would you like HTC to have released a watch with Android Wear?


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