‘No Man’s Sky’ wins Innovation award at GDC 2017, but no one received it

'No Man's Sky' wins Innovation award at GDC 2017, but no one received it

The story of ‘No Man’s Sky’ could not have been more incredible since its launch in last August. In the awards ceremony at the Games Developers Conference a new chapter was added to the ‘No Man’s Sky’ story. The video game of Hello Games received the Innovation award, but interestingly, there was absolutely no one at the event to collect it.

Hello Games did not expect ‘No Man’s Sky’ to receive any awards, so during the awards ceremony they decided to have dinner instead of attending the event. They had already assumed to leave empty-handed. When Tim Schafer announced ‘No Man’s Sky’ as the winner, obviously no one went on the stage to collect the award.

This was justified by Innes McKendrick, from Hello Games, on Twitter.

McKendrick later recognized that his absence at the event was “embarrassing”. In fact, Sean Murray himself declared on the same social network that they were not expecting to win anything, but to their surprise – and certainly to the surprise of many – this did not happen and they won the Innovation award. It would be justifiable to think of not receiving any awards for the game like ‘No Man’s Sky’.

The intention of Hello Games with ‘No Man’s Sky’ was ambitious, probably too much, and was to create an infinite universe to explore, but in the end it became a tedious and repetitive experience. However, they continued working on an update known as Founders Update that introduced many new features, including new game modes similar to the Creative and Survival of ‘Minecraft’.


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