No more 100 GB of storage space: Google compiles bonuses for Maps Local Guides

Google Map Local Guides

To improve the quality of the data in the Google Maps, Google has been increasingly asking people for photos, reviews and other details. In order to give an incentive to this voluntary cooperation, the Contributions program was introduced at the end of 2015, which allowed the users to gain advantages. But now these are gradually canceled.

If you are happy to share your knowledge about your own environment and provide the Google Maps with more and more data, the Local Guides program introduced in November 2015 was just right. Since then, there are even more possibilities to participate actively and you get additional rewards for a fair point system.

Depending on the way you are involved, there are different points to choose from, such as giving ratings, adding ratings, answering questions to visited places, or checking and nipping existing data. If you take a few minutes, you can collect points and reach higher levels. So far, Level 4 has been the big goal, because there a great reward has been waiting.

Those who have reached level 4 were offered 1 terabyte of storage space a year ago and this is known to have a value of just under 10 dollars a month. However, in July of last year the gift was then reduced to 100 GB, which is still desirable for many users. Now they canceled the 100 GB reward for Level 4 which would have existed for only one year. Instead, one now gets the prospect of being presented and linked to the social networks.

The amendment shall apply from 17 March. Anyone who still manages to reach the 4th level by this date will still receive the 100 GB for a year. So, if you’re close to it, you should hurry and at least make sure you get that little reward before it’s too late.

Here are the current rewards:

Level 1 (0 to 4 points):
– With the monthly newsletter you are always up to date.
– You are eligible to participate in Google Worskhops and hangouts.
– If competitions for local guides take place in your country, you are entitled to participate.
– Exchange with others on Local Guides Connect.
Level 2 (5 to 49 points):
– Get pre-access to new Google features and products.
– You have the option to register your meetings in the Local Guides calendar.
Level 3 (50 to 199 points):
– See your LocalGuides logo on Google Maps.
– Advertising for unofficial communities is available.
Level 4 (200 to 499 points):
– You may be presented on our official online channels, such as Google+, Facebook or Twitter.
Level 5 (500+ points):
– You can test new Google features and products before publishing them.
– You can apply for the Level 5 local level conference.


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