No updates for Windows 10, Microsoft holds back the Patch Tuesday update

Microsoft has delayed Patch day for Windows 10. According to a statement, a software problem was discovered at the last minute that could not be remedied in time

For years, Microsoft with the second Tuesday of the month releases security updates for Windows, Office and other products, also known as Patch Tuesday, but today the software giant has decided to postpone any scheduled updates. The 14th of February 2017 marks a historical exception as Microsoft canceled this Patch surprisingly. This is something that has not happened before.

According to Microsoft, it has found a problem that could get to some customers and cannot be rectified at the last minute.

“After considering all options we have decided to postpone the monthly updates,”

,the Microsoft Security Research Center (MSRC) team announced on its weblog.

It was not known exactly what the problem was, but Microsoft’s statement says it could “affect some customers and could not be solved in time”. It would be the first Patch Tuesday that Microsoft Security updates were not released.

Unfortunately, they had not been able to solve the problems well in advance of the Patch Day. Firstly, all possible options were checked, but then decided to postpone the release of the latest updates.

Microsoft will release the security patch as soon as all problems are solved. However, the company does not give an exact date. As soon as new information about when Microsoft’s security patch update, you will find it here at Hitechgazette.


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