Nokia 9 can possibly be the best smartphone of 2017


When Nokia returned to the mobile phone sector during the last MWC 2017, the most staunch supporters of the Finnish company were left with more desires, that led to rumors and speculations on a supposed high range smartphone of Nokia, soon to be called Nokia 9.

Today, when most top smartphones for the first half of 2017 have already been presented, we are still waiting for Nokia’s bid for this terrain, because if the Finnish decided to launch the high-end phone as rumors and leaks pointed, the new Nokia 9 would possibily be one of the best smartphones of the year, and we explain why.

For being the first high end of Nokia with Android

The Finnish company has already demonstrated that it can live up to the rest of the manufacturers by presenting the Nokia 3, Nokia 5, and especially the Nokia 6. If this latest smartphone, cataloged by many as a low mid range, has been able to compete with more expensive phones, we can not imagine what Nokia would be able to do with a high-end phone, with the best specifications of the market and a design that lives up to its competitors.

Because of the nostalgia of the return of the company

To the specifications, if we add the nostalgia that supposes the return of a historical firm as Nokia to the field of the telephony, we have the perfect mixture for the success. This nostalgia was evident in the presentation of its latest phones, and even more with the return of an iconic model like the 3310. So, the nostalgia could be the ace in the sleeve of Nokia when it comes to launch and publicize its next flagship insignia.

For having a camera like before

There are still doubts as to whether the upcoming Nokia could include cameras with lenses signed by Carl Zeiss. If yes, the Nokia 9 has all the ballots to be the first Nokia with Android to integrate one of these lenses, which, coupled with a good sensor and software optimization to match, could catapult the Nokia 9 at the most high of mobile photography. Like old times.

For its completely pure software

So far, to enjoy a pure experience with Android, it was necessary to acquire the Google Nexus or more recent, the Pixel, as phones of many other companies make use of very light personalization layers like the OnePlus, Motorola or BQ, among others.

Then came Nokia, teaming up with Google to develop their latest devices, and announcing that their upcoming handsets would have a completely pure software, in addition to receiving regular updates with security patches, and new versions of Android for at least two years. Undoubtedly, the dream of every user of the Google operating system, which could now become a reality in a high range signed by Nokia.

There are many reasons why the Nokia 9 could be one of the best smartphones of 2017. It is true that, for the time being, Nokia has not spoken about the arrival of this new smartphone. Still launching a high range with Android, with cutting edge specifications, and Nokia DNA defines the phone of the firm. It is an opportunity that the Finnish should not let slip to once again enter the mobile phone industry.


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