Nokia 9 Features and Performance Filtered at GeekBench

Nokia 9

Little by little we are beginning to find out all the details of the new Nokia mobile phones. Now it seems to be the time for the features and performance of Nokia 9, which has been seen in benchmark showing some of its specifications and its power.

Recently, we were able to find out the look of Nokia 7 on video. Assuming that Nokia’s entire line of handsets will follow the same style excluding the things that will change slightly between them like materials, cameras and sizes pertaining to the design section. This Nokia 9, about which we are about to discuss right now, would be the company’s high end mobile for 2017.

The performance of the Nokia 9 is shown in GeekBench

Step by step we seem to be getting familiar with all the features of the new Nokia phone, the Nokia 9, which is the mobile destined for high end. In its specs that filtered the other day, we noticed that it would be carrying a screen of almost 5.3 inches and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.

Nokia 9 Geekbench

This image of this GeekBench benchmark confirms this processor, the Snapdragon 835, and will have a speed of 1.90 GHz. It will have 4 GB RAM and will be standard with Android 7.1.1 Nougat. However, the best thing that we see in this image are not pertaining its characteristics but its performance which paints its image very well.

The accuracy of this benchmark is unknown but if we are to take this data as reliable, then we see that the Nokia 9 would have more power than Samsung Galaxy S8 in both MultiCore and SingleCore, and that there would only be one mobile that surpasses it in SingleCore which is iPhone 7 Plus that marks a score of 3473.

As for the MultiCore, we see that it is unbeatable and that neither the S8 Plus in its results on GeekBench with the Exynos is able to surpass it although it stays close. For the first results, we see that the performance and power of the new Nokia 9 will be the best in the market yet.

It’s still unknown whether this result is true and also to see if it complies in the other sections or not. We already know that brands such as OnePlus are always right with performance and then limping in the multimedia sections like the camera or the screen. We will see what Nokia will do with its new high end mobile and we will see if it can compete with the most powerful brands in the sector such as Samsung or Apple with its return to the mobile market.


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