Nokia Confirms New Devices with Snapdragon 835 Processor For this Year

Nokia Android Smartphone

The return of Nokia to the telephony sector could not have started better. Just two days of selling the Nokia 6 in China, there were already more than one million registered users to get one of the Finnish mid-range, and on the day of its marketing, all units were sold in less of one minute.

Now, in addition, Nokia intends to enter fully into the high-end Android devices, and we do not say it, as we read in Nokia Power User, Nokia could have confirmed the arrival of new Android smartphones with the Snapdragon 835 processor inside .

Are Nokia 8 and Nokia P1, the upcoming Nokia smartphones? It has been in the official account of Nokia in the Chinese social network, Weibo, where statements could have confirmed the arrival of not one but two high-end devices that would be presented throughout this year 2017.

In the publication, you can see how one of Nokia’s representatives responds to a user confirming the arrival of a new device with the Snapdragon 835, and although no specific date is indicated at the moment, it does affirm the intention to launch a device with this chip inside.

On the other hand, we have already heard different rumors related to the Nokia P1, an alleged device of high performance, and that could well be the high range that Nokia confirms in this publication. According to details known to date today, this Nokia P1 could include a 835 Snapdragon processor, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, plus a 5.3-inch screen and a design based on the Sharp Aquos XX3.

On the other hand, recent rumors that the Nokia 8, a terminal very similar in specifications to the Nokia P1, have come to light, with the difference that its screen would grow to 5.7 inches with QuadHD resolution.

At the moment Nokia has not provided more information about their new devices. Fortunately, we are aware that they will be presenting new products in the MWC 2017 that will take place in a few weeks, so there is not too long until you know the new bets of Nokia with Android for the year 2017.


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